Type of Loans

 Payday Loans

Payday Loans

Reward type loans allow you to obtain a fairly low amount, because depending on the loan company, it amounts to 2,000 to 4,000 PLN. It is worth noting that high amounts can only affect regular customers, so for the beginning we can receive a lower amount, for example PLN 1,500 or PLN 2,500.

A characteristic feature of payday loans is also a short repayment period, which is usually 15-30 days. Therefore, within two weeks or one month, the customer must pay off the entire liability.

This makes payday loans convenient, quick loans in the event of budget deficiencies, but on the other hand also increases their risk, because in such a short time you need to collect the sum and give the lender.


Installment loan

Installment loan

The safest choice is installment loans. These are loans similar to banking, because then the loaned sum is given in monthly installments in a predetermined amount.

We can also borrow higher sums – it is up to PLN 10,000, so you can then finance much more expenses than in the case of payday loans. The debt repayment period is then 2 years, which allows you to divide the repayment amount into low installments, easy to regulate each month.

Non-bank installment loans are therefore a better choice than payday loans if the client wants to get a larger sum for any purpose. It is worth noting that the conditions necessary to be met when obtaining this loan are also not very high compared to payday loans. Below we look at them more closely.


Non-bank loans – for everyone?

Non-bank loans - for everyone?

It has been assumed that non-bank loans are available to anyone who only applies for a loan. It is worth pointing out, however, that loan companies also apply special requirements that must be met by customers. Although they are usually less exorbitant than banking ones, obtaining a loan without meeting any requirements is not as easy as it may seem.

Non-bank loan companies grant loans to reliable clients who have adequate creditworthiness and meet other indicated conditions.

Below we present exactly the loan terms that must be met in order to obtain a payment of money in non-bank loan companies.

1. Identity card

As mentioned earlier, this is one of the main documents required when applying for a loan. The proof must be valid, otherwise the application will be rejected.

2. The right age

In principle, financial products such as loans and credits can be used from the age of 18, but many loan companies then apply additional age limits to be met.

It is worth to pay attention to whether the loan company does not apply other limits – if you do not have them, look for a different offer, because the application will be rejected immediately.

3. Permanent address of residence in Poland

Another important condition to be met is also having a permanent address of residence in Poland. It also serves as a mailing address and we will receive some necessary documentation when we take out an on-line loan.

4. Lack of negative information in the debtors’ registers

Many people think that non-bank loans can be obtained even when you are a debtor. However, in this case it is also necessary to meet the appropriate conditions – loan companies then protect themselves against unreliable customers who may not pay the debt.

5. Documented fixed income

An important condition to be met is also having a documented income. For many loan companies it is an important parameter, that is, just like in the case of banks, we must remember to meet it.

It is best to earn income from an employment contract for an indefinite period. Income from pensions and pensions is also honored. These are the most “reliable” sources of income for loan companies, so customers who own them can count on a faster payment of money.

It is also worth pointing out that there is a possibility of receiving income from other sources, for example from civil law contracts – contracts for specific work, contracts of a mandate, but also in the case of incomes from business, agricultural and rental activities.

Loan companies, however, approach these conclusions individually, which is why it may happen that we will meet with a refusal. Most often, however, the offers are flexible enough that we can get a loan without any problems, especially when we have a positive credit history.


In addition, you must also have an ID card – it must be valid, and also have a bank account if you verify your identity by online transfer. No sureties or other security measures are required.


How to choose a good non-bank loan?

How to choose a good non-bank loan?

We can choose a wide range of non-bank loan companies that are available both on-line as well as on-line. What should we pay special attention to when we are looking for a good offer?


A good non-bank loan should be:

– available on convenient terms

– cheap – it should not involve high costs

– safe, so as not to cause any risk to customers

– fast payout


Therefore, when looking for the best offer, we should carefully read the parameters of the offer in order to make the commitment really a good decision. By choosing the right one, we can count on similar conditions, and even better than in many banks, and the cost of the loan will not be very high then.


Comparing different offers is very easy over the internet. On the websites of loan companies, you can immediately familiarize yourself with the conditions that must be met. You can also use special loan calculators on the websites of loan companies – after entering the loan amount and the repayment period, you can immediately see how much the loan will cost.


To be sure that the offer is safe, you can also search for reviews on the internet. This allows you to eliminate the situation in which the loan company is not trustworthy and you can expose yourself to serious problems, such as loss of money, identity theft.



When the bank issues a negative decision on a loan application, you do not have to give up your plans – you can choose from a wide range of non-bank offers that are available at your fingertips. Thanks to them you can quickly and easily obtain funds in the amount of up to PLN 10,000 for any purpose – completely via the Internet.


Non-bank loans can also be taken straight away – without first submitting an application to the bank and waiting for its consideration. Loans offered by loan companies are known for their speed, so the payment of money can take place even on the same day. It’s key when speed counts!


We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of installment loan – we have prepared a good on-line loan for our clients, which allows you to finance every expense. Convenient loan terms and short terms of processing applications mean that you can get financing from us almost immediately.

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