What are the interest rates and personal loan charges?

Interest rates range from 2.97% to 12.49% per month, according to each client’s credit analysis. To know the rate that will be offered is necessary to fill the amount of the loan and your personal data clicking here.

Your data will undergo a first credit analysis and, if it is pre-approved, you will be informed of the amount of the loan you may request and the interest rate offered. Then you will need to submit your documents to prove the information provided. After reviewing and approving your documents, the loan amount and the available rate may change, but rest assured that you will be informed.

As for the charges, the only one charged is the IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions), which is charged in all types of personal loan.

But do not worry! This tax is already embedded in the value of the parcel.

What is the difference between CET (Total Effective Cost) and interest rate?

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The CET or Total Effective Cost involves all costs of the loan. In the case of the loan the CET involves the interest rate charged and the IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions) that is charged by the government. Therefore, the interest rate charged is a part of the CET.

What is the Total Effective Cost (CET) of the loan?

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The CET involves the interest rate and the Financial Operations Tax (IOF), which is charged by the government on all loans. The interest rate on varies according to the credit analysis of each customer. It ranges from 2.97% to 12.49% per month. To know the CET that will be charged from you it is necessary that you provide your personal data and send your documents.

Do I need to pay any fees to get the loan?

Do I need to pay any fees to get the loan?

does not ask for any down payment to analyze your proposal or to release the loan amount. That’s a crime! If you receive any such request, report it at the same time.

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